By U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

In the past few decades, California, like other earthquake-prone states, has made great strides towards earthquake safety. But we still have a long way to go; there are still a staggering number of unsafe old buildings that have not yet been fixed. The mainland United States has yet to experience a major earthquake in modern times. A repeat of the 1906 San Francisco, the 1868 Hawyard Fault, or the 1812 New Madrid earthquakes, for example, cause severe damage.

The problem is not a lack of science and engineering knowledge, as Yanev and Thompson attest in their well written and informative book. The problem has more to do with the implementation of sound engineering design, and a general lack of education about earthquakes and what we can do to protect ourselves, family, property, and businesses. This book meets that education challenge. It fills a void in the literature between general preparedness tips and the complex books and papers that fill engineering libraries.

I encourage everyone living in California, and in other earthquake-prone states, to educate and prepare themselves for earthquakes. Reading and acting on the guidance in this book are good first steps.