Yanev Consulting provides consulting, engineering, and financial services regarding earthquake risk management for your home and family. We have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles and service clients throughout the earthquake regions of the United States. Additionally we serve renters as well as the real estate industry (realtors and anyone considering purchasing a home).

We are licensed engineers with over 40 years of experience in earthquake risk management. Together we have visited a total of over 100 earthquakes and hurricanes all over the world to learn lessons that we apply here at home.

If you are a home owner or are considering buying a home but do not truly understand the earthquake and life-safety risks involved, we are available to help answer the following:
  1. Do you need to improve the earthquake resistance of your building & how do you do that?
  2. Should you purchase earthquake insurance on your property (and what does it really cover)?
  3. Should you purchase a certain property? Is is safe or is it a collapse-hazard?
  4. Are landslides or other ground instability an issue in your location?
  5. What other issues or hidden risks are you not considering?
At Yanev Consulting, we follow a step-by-step program of risk management.

Phase 1 - First, we asses your earthquake risk based on your location, soils, structure, vulnerabilities, and other potential nearby hazards.
Phase 2 - Next we advise you how best to manage your risk, both physical and financial, through strengthening, insurance, or both. We also look at life-safety factors.
Phase 3 - Lastly we help implement your decision by providing engineering and construction supervision services, if necessary.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in our services.